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Fiction in SixFiction in Six came about as a result of spacedlaw's kindly pointing out this Wired article on six-word fiction. Chris and I have had a lot of fun writing them on our own; we thought a community devoted to it might be a nifty idea.

Writing a story in six words isn't as easy as it sounds; it isn't simply a matter of writing a clever six-word sentence. The limited word-space forces a writer to think hard about what a story is. A story involves character, narrative tension, theme, and event; something happens, and there is some sort of resolution. Not an easy task in only six words, but not impossible. The thing to remember about the six-word story is that what the words imply is as important as what they say.

That said, it's just a bit of fun. There's no real right or wrong in any of this-- our purpose is to play with the form. Experiment! Fool around! Knock yourself out!

Fiction in Six Guidelines
Books stole my soul...
Hello ?
Hello ?


notmoro, your post had me laughing!

I admit it, tuques are silly.
But, they keep you warm, eh?
When it's minus forty, wear 'em!
Rather be a hosehead than freeze.

Truthfully, though, I wear ear muffs.
Unless it's, like, minus forty, eh?
I don't like hat head, y'see?

Take off, like Bob and Doug say,
To the Great White North, eh?
It's a beauty way to go!

One ticket to hell, please

Oh, Legolad.  You don't deserve this.  I call it

American Hoser

A Canadian geek filled my plate.
I wrote a poem, to celebrate:

Good day.
How's it going?

So the Yank imagined he'd say.
What do Yanks know, down here?
Just tuques, back bacon, hockey, beer.

Green leaves sprouting from awakening branches.
Live to work?

Work to live!
Work? Too much.

Play? Never enough.

Apr. 19th, 2007

Spring rains scrub the air clean.
Coffee's my vice.

Could be worse...

Apr. 2nd, 2007

Damnit, it's spring! Go away, snow!


Fiction in Six

About Us

Welcome to Fiction in Six, a community for short-short fiction of six words in length. Feel free to post your six-word stories here, as well as your thoughts and comments about the writing life, craft, or other people's submissions. Be sure to read the guidelines on our user info page before you start.

Come on, now. Just six words. Don't cheat. (Unless you cheat well.)


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