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Fiction in Six

Stories in Six Words

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A community for writers to post stories of no more than six words. Inspired by this and this.

Not to be confused with sixwords or sixwordstories, two excellent six-word-fic communities which you may prefer to ours if you want to write fanfic (it's not permitted here).

Other very short fiction communities include flash_fiction, onehundredwords, micro_fiction, papersavers, prompt, 69_words, and flashfiction100, to name a few.

Teh Guidelines:

*Entries must not exceed six words.

*We've debated a bit about the first rule. Our members on average prefer that entries be limited to somewhere between six and eight words. The mods, however, won't get bent out of shape if you write as many as thirty. So let's say in theory it's six words, or seven, or eight; in practice, definitely no more than thirty.

*Entries should ideally be fiction, and tell a story-- but that's not a hard and fast rule, our purpose being more to play with possibilities than to conform to a particular type of writing. It is therefore recommended that members tag their entries accordingly, either by making use of one of our existing tags, or by adding a new one if appropriate.

*Please do not post photos or other images. This is a writing community. If you want share an image, it is permissable to provide a link within a comment, or behind a cut.

*Don't bother with introductions. Just start writing. Don't worry-- we'll greet you.

*This community is not for general chat, though any thoughts and comments regarding posted stories, flash fiction, and writing are welcome.

*No poetry (though entries may flirt with the poetic).

*Genre fiction (fantasy, science fiction, etc.) is welcome, so long as it does not exceed six words, and does not involve the following:

- Well-endowed anthropomorphic animals.
- Tentacles.

*Pornographic and racist material is not welcome. Any entries deemed pornographic, racist, or otherwise offensive will be deleted by the moderators with very little fanfare.

*No fanfic, please, of any length.

*And try not to swear, damn it.

These guidelines are subject to change. Anyone is welcome to join, but all new member requests must be approved by the moderators before posting access is granted.

Your moderators are notmoro and winkythedrunk.

This community is now accepting members. Hooray!